Organizing Committee (OC) 


The OC is charged with the high-level planning and coordination of the activities of the IAU in the broad sphere of astronomy education and development. It is appointed at each IAU General Assembly, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee (IAU By-Laws 22). The OC has the following composition, members being drawn from all fields of activity (reappointments allowed)

– the present and past Presidents and the Vice-President(s) of Commission 46
– a member of the Executive Committee (EC), appointed by the EC
– the chairs of all active Program Groups

Commission Membership

– National Education Liaison: Every country adhering to the IAU should have an educator identified as liaison to Commission 46. The designated Vice-President will identify these liaisons in time for appointment as member of Commission 46 at the General Assembly. A liaison may be an IAU member or a consultant member. The advice of the National Committee or Adhering Body of each country may be sought. The National Committee or Adhering Body will be informed of the appointment. A liaison may also be appointed for a country not adhering to the IAU.

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