Commission Membership

– National Education Liaison: Every country adhering to the IAU should have an educator identified as liaison to Commission 46. The designated Vice-President will identify these liaisons in time for appointment as member of Commission 46 at the General Assembly. A liaison may be an IAU member or a consultant member. The advice of the National Committee or Adhering Body of each country may be sought. The National Committee or Adhering Body will be informed of the appointment. A liaison may also be appointed for a country not adhering to the IAU.

– Members of Program Groups: Members of Program Groups are members of Commission 46 if nominated in time for approval at the General Assembly. Additional members may be co-opted by Program Groups on an informal basis as needed, but these are not necessarily members of Commission 46.

Affiliations with Division XII Commission 46 Astronomy Education & Development

List of current members:

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